The Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) Gluten-Free Product Listing App
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For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

Version 2
The genuine Celiac Sprue Association (CSA) Gluten-Free Product Listing App (GlutenFreeMe) for the iPhone and iPad.  Featuring over 20,000 CSA reviewed products from over 700 companies based on the 15th Edition, 2011 release from CSA.

  • Search by product name within common grocery store categories or company brands.
  • View product lists sorted alphabetically or grouped by category or brand.
  • Show product company details including Company Advisory Statements and contact information.
  • Instantly connect to companies’ web-sites, make phone calls (iphone), or send email questions about the products.
  • View and search within the “Glossary” of common ingredients, additives, food items, and grains.  View the description and the safety assessments regarding “Consistency with a gluten-free diet”.
  • Add your own personal Product or Glossary notes and create your own personal list of favorites (grouped into a “Favorites” list that is further grouped into “Try, Buy, and Favorites” categories).
  • Add your own products and notes to your personal database for the stores in your area.
  • Optionally submit your products to CSA to be considered for future publications of the CSA Gluten-Free Product Listing.

The CSA Gluten-Free Product Listing App (GlutenFreeMe) is a universal app for both the iPhone and iPad.  It supports the iOS’s ability to multi-task, and allows you to use the iTunes file sharing feature for backup and syncing your personal product database between your devices.

Internet or Wi-Fi connection is not required for program use (great for remote locations or when no data plan is in use). 

The CSA Gluten-Free Product Listing App (GlutenFreeMe) is fully authorized and supported by the Celiac Sprue Association, P.O. Box 31700 Omaha, NE 68131-0700, (1-877-272-4272),

For questions or comments regarding the application’s product information, please contact the Celiac Sprue Association at

For questions or comments regarding the application’s features, please contact the GlutenFreeMe developer at

Products in the CSA Gluten-Free Product Listing App (GlutenFreeMe) are according to documentation supplied by manufacturers and distributors to the CSA office.  No liability is assumed by CSA or the App developer for the information provided by the food industry.  ALWAYS READ THE LABEL, CALL THE COMPANY WITH SPECIFIC QUESTIONS, WHEN IN DOUBT, LEAVE IT OUT.

Corrected issues to be compatible with iOS 5

For purchase at the iTunes store, see: iTunes-GlutenFreeMe
For application support contact Steve Welch at

The following is for the iPhone or iPod Touch

Screenshot when the app is launched.

The first listing shows the products listed in alphabetical order.  A search area is located near the top.  The blue arrow (>) allows a refined search within a selected category.  The Plus sign allows new (user defined) products to be added to your personal database.


The second listing shows the products grouped by the major category.  By using the right-hand margin, the list may be quickly scrolled to a category group.


The third listing shows the products grouped by the brand/manufacturer name.


The forth listing shows the Glossary.

When a product is selected, the detail screen is presented.  The major and minor sub-category, manufacturer, and other product information is shown.  The user defined note can be added by pressing the Notes button.  The icon that has the "i", when pressed will show the category notes.

By tapping the screen, the detail "page" turns over and the company information is shown.  If there is an Advisory Statement for this company, that will be shown here as well.  For any of the blue underlined items, when touched, the application will open the manufacturer web site, initiate a phone call (iPhone), or create an e-mail.  This is useful for your own research or specific questions to the company.


The category notes are shown when the "i" is pressed.  This is a scrollable area for the longer notes that discuss the category or sub-category groups.

This screen illustrates the search within the "BEANS" category.  Any major category may be selected to then view those grouped by the minor sub-category.  It's a fast search, nearly instantaneous.

Here is the results of the search without the virtual keyboard.

Here is the result of a similar search within a selected Brand/Manufacturer group for all beans.

You can enter your own notes about a product you would like to try or buy.  Notes can be added to any of the products and they will automatically be put into the "Favorites" listing for quick access later.


If you want to add your own products from your local stores, you can easily do so.   You can use the existing Categories and Sub-Categories defined with the app, or add some of your own.   When you add products, they are added to your Favorites list as well.


Here is what your favorites list would look like when selected.  If a product note has been created, and the "Try, Buy, or Favorites" button was selected, it will be listed here in the Favorites list with a star (note that the star will also be shown in the other lists as well).


The following is for the iPad

For the iPad, there is more screen area to show both the lists and the details of the product selected.  The lists on the left side of the screen work identically to the iPhone version.  When a product is selected, the details of the product are shown on the right side of the screen.  Adding or editing new products or notes will "pop-up" an entry screen similar to the iPhone version. 


Glossary items are shown with descriptive icons and the detailed definitions are shown in a scrollable area.


For a new product that you want CSA to consider for future product listings, you may submit it by e-mail by touching the "Submit" button.  An e-mail with an embedded XML description is created which can then be sent to CSA.  There is a special "CSASubmitterID" that can identify you as a reliable/approved CSA member as a trusted source of product information and related research (this is defined in the user preferences after obtaining one from CSA). 

Please note that for inclusion in the product listing, certain requirements need to be met by the companies regarding their products.  This includes:
  • Companies must grant permission for CSA to include their products
  • Documentation directly from the manufacturer or distributor is required
  • A company may provide a disclaimer or advisory statement in addition to, or in lieu of a gluten-free product list
  • Note that some companies may not respond to CSA's requests and therefore their products will not be listed
  • Other requirements that are outlined on the CSA web site in the section that discusses the CSA Gluten-Free Product Listing

The following is for iTunes (accessing your products and notes files)

The GlutenFreeMe application creates and uses two files and stores your personal notes and the products you have added.  Accessing these file for purposes of backup or syncing between your devices (such as your iPhone and iPad), requires using iTunes.  Once your device is connected, select the "Apps" button and scroll down to "File Sharing".  Locate the GlutenFreeMe icon under "Apps" and the GlutenFreeMe documents are listed. 

Why even bother with these files?  Normally, you may not need to do anything with these files since iTunes performs backups when you connect your devices.  And, if you have only one device, there is no need to sync your data between a second device.  The usual scenario, though, is that people use their iPad to enter their products and notes and want to transfer this information to their iPhone for when they are shopping.  So, the steps are as follows:
  • Connect your iPad, open iTunes
  • Select "Apps" and Navigate to the GlutenFreeMe Documents
  • Select the documents and "Save to..." your computer hard drive
  • Disconnect your iPad and connect your other device
  • Select "Apps" and Navigate to the GlutenFreeMe Documents
  • Press the "Add..." button and select the documents you saved to your hard drive
  • Note that these files will replace your devices files
  • THAT's IT... your done
Your other device will contain the same information as the first device and you will have a backup saved on your hard drive.

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