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Med-Center is a comprehensive Best-of-Class practice management solution that provides well integrated components and functionality.  It is designed to assist office staff and practitioners to provide the best medical services to their patients.  See the Tour for feature highlights.

Made for Mac OS X
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Great Features - Feature rich components allows Med-Center to meet the demanding needs of the medical office or clinic.  The easy-to-use interface gives the beginner and the expert the power to manage the complex office tasks with minimal training.  Whether it is scheduling an appointment, or writing a physician chart note, Med-Center excels at bringing the tools together for an effective and enjoyable working experience.

Fully Integrated - Neatly integrated into one package, Med-Center works "right out of the box".  Installation is as simple as downloading and unzipping the compressed files to your personal computer or Server.

Macintosh & Windows - Designed from the start to work with Macintosh and Windows systems, Med-Center embraces diversity in order to be the best.   Whether the office decides on a single or mixed platform solution, we believe that providing a choice contributes to an effective and enjoyable working environment.

Scalable - From one to multiple simultaneous users, Med-Center provides a scalable architecture backed by a powerful database engine.  The network can also be expanded by adding wireless capabilities which allows Med-Center to be used freely about the office.

Simple Administration - Simple administration means lower costs and less training.  As a comprehensive solution, the Med-Center architecture provides one of the best trouble-free systems on the market.

HIPAA Compliant - With the capability to create HIPAA compliant 4010A1 professional claims, virtually any clearinghouse can accept and process E-claims created by Med-Center.

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