Technical Note - MedTN003
June 2005
Upgrading From v3.x to v4.x
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Important notice for customers upgrading to version 4.x from earlier 3.x versions.

This technical note discusses the Med-Center upgrade from v3.x to v4.x.

The Windows 98, SE, and Windows Millenium operating systems are no longer supported.  The minimum version for Windows is now Windows 2000.

The MacOS 9.x operating system is no longer supported.  The minimum version for Macintosh is now 10.2.8.

4D Server
Med-Center has been updated to use the most recent version of the 4th Dimension database engine.  For customers using 4D Server with Med-Center v3.x, you will need to purchase a license for 4D Server v2004.  Since Med-Center Server now has 4D Server fully integrated with the application, there is no longer a need to download 4D Server or 4D Client separately.  For more information about license upgrades for 4D Server, visit or call at 1-408-557-4600 or 1-800-785-3303.

Datafile Compatibility
Database files from prior versions of Med-Center are upward compatible with version 4.x.  When first opened, the database files will be converted to work with v4.x.  Once converted, you will not be able to open them with 3.x versions.  (For current customers upgrading your applications, this is a good time to backup your 3.x database files!!)

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