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Version 4.3.4
Med-Center for Windows is now certified for use with Microsoft Vista.  Also, minor bug fixes and customer requested features were made as part of this maintenence release.

Version 4.3.3
Minor changes as part of maintenence release.

  • Improved provider/payer PIN settings for claims
  • Refined CMS-1500 format (font & uppercase letters), and made position adjustments
  • Misc. bug fixes

Version 4.3.2
CMS-1500 printed claim form was updated to be fully compliant with the National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) Version 2.0 1/07 instruction manual.

  • All field specifications
  • Printing to CMS-1500 OCR-Red Ink standard form
  • Supports provider NPI (National Provider Identifier)
  • Supports on-screen editing of fields before printing
  • Fields edited are saved with claim

Version 4.3.1
Maintenence release

Version 4.3
Version 4.3 has been extensively revised in the following areas -

Patient Care record:
  • Major improvement to the management of transactions and claims (i.e., billing functions) associated with billable encounters.  This includes the shift to the use of "encounters" and user defined types of encounters (such as visits, consultations, etc.) instead of "cases" as in prior versions.  Billing functions are now also accessible from the Patient Care input screen.
  • Major improvements of the Medications section of the Patient Care record to include current and historic medications, medications of different types (i.e., prescription, non-prescription, vitamins, herbs, supplements, and over-the-counter), and user customizable prescription forms for printing and faxing.  There is also a new current medications report suitable for handout to the patient.
  • Addition of functionality to define and store Test and Test Results.  Features include a spreadsheet like entry of results into predefined templates.  The new template editor allows unlimited test set templates to be defined for Tests and Vital Signs.  Test results can also be plotted and printed for review or as a handout to the patient.
  • Improved recording and plotting for standard Vital Signs.  Spreadsheet like entry of vitals into predefined templates.  Vitals can be extended to include vitals specific to any specialty (e.g., OBGYN fetal vitals).
  • Addition of functionality to store Immunization information.  This includes an Immunization summary report suitable for handout to the patient.
  • Major improvements of the Patient Care record for display, search, and use of: Appointments, Contacts, Medications, Immunizations, Vital Signs, Test & Results, Encounters, and Billing.
  • Improved Viewer (used for patient lookup and retrieval) to include revised search capabilty (for multiple patient fields), patient photo, and latest insurance information.
CMS-1500 08-05 Form:
  • Added the CMS-1500 08-05 report as a standard report without the need to use SuperReports.
  • Added provider NPI for use in electronic claims and on the CMS-1500 08-05 form.
  • Added the ability to perform on-screen editing of the CMS-1500 08-05 form data for those rare cases when paper submittals are needed for reimbursements.
Accounting Module:
  • Added the capabiltiy to export accounting transactions to a file for spreadsheet or other accounting uses.
  • Added option to turn off transmittal of patient procedure descriptions to the accounting module.
  • Normalized financial notation to allow international currencies.
Integration and Documentation:
  • Integrated and tested the latest version of the SuperReport Pro report generation module (v2.6.5).
  • Integrated and tested the latest version of the 4D database engine (v2004.5).
  • Revised documentation and technical notes to v4.3.

Version 4.2
Version 4.2 has improved the stored document features by introducing the FileCabinet and improving the visibility and management of electronic documents created in the practice.  The update includes the latest version of the database engine which has been certified to run on Macintosh Intel processors.  The single user version licensing scheme was also revised to permit unlicensed versions to be distributed freely with full functionality.  The Starter Database was also pre-loaded with family practice ICD-9 codes.

Version 4.1
Version 4.1 improves navigation within the patient record and in coordination with the viewer, adds medical history fields, adds allergy and sensitivity alerts, improves the AutoText feature for writing chart notes, adds ability to record vital signs typically measured during a patient's visit, adds input level advisories for data entry errors or ommisions, adds ability to customize selected input forms and reports, incorporates minor HIPAA compliance updates, incorporates minor e-claim changes for compatibility with Gateway EDI Clearinghouse, and incorporates Web Server SSL capability for secure web access to patient data.

Version 4.0.2
Maintenance release - Demonstration limitation change

Version 4.0.1
Maintenance release

Version 4.0
Med-Center's upgrade to v4.0 adds a double entry accounting module that is fully integrated with patient charging and accounts receivable.  Revenue may now be tracked for Providers or Departments (using your own defined Chart of Accounts), and can be viewed using General Ledger reports for any given date range.  Double check the accounting process with a Trial Balance report, and determine profits with the new Profit & Loss Report. 

Also new with v4.0 is an updated database engine that improves speed, has fault tolerant crash & recovery technology, integrated backup, automatic client updates (for client/server version), Macintosh OSX Service (i.e., Register as UNIX Service), and much more.  This is a free upgrade for all customers.  Also for v4.0:

  • New Insurance Claim aging report (track chrg/pmt progress by insurance)
  • New Services Transactions Report (track chrg/pmt progress by service)
  • New Provider Transactions Report (track chrg/pmt progress by provider)
  • Improved batch insurance payment entry process
  • Automatic selection of open charges to be paid
  • Improved payment status for charges
  • Check writing for credit balance owed to patient
  • Bank account deposits and deposit slip printing
  • Balance Sheet reports for any date range
  • Set closing date to lock prior transactions to changes
Version 3.3.1
Maintenance release:
  • Improved readability of sublists within input screens (larger fonts)
  • Fixed input/export utility
  • Fixed problem with posting payments (group payment method) in Server version
  • Improved window resize feature for table lists
  • Fixed cross platform font rendering in affected input screens
  • Incorporated latest 4D engine version (v6.8.6)
  • Misc.

Version 3.3
Med-Center's upgrade to v3.3 extends the scheduling module to allow color coded appointment types, search on text or date (for recall letters or other reports), and linkage with the new patient waiting status and post-visit tracking feature.  Appointments now have optional department/facility selection (for service at alternate sites), ability to cancel (without deleting) the appointment, and pre-visit confirmation.  This is a free upgrade for all customers.  Also for v3.3:

  • Redesigned scheduling screen
  • Redesigned appointment screen
  • Multiple facilities may now be defined and each can have multiple departments.  (This is great for distributed clinic locations)
  • Schedule interface with report generators SuperReport and Quick Report. (for recall letters and other user defined reports)
  • Waiting Patient status screen for multi-department visibility of patient visit and outpatient treatment.  This screen includes total wait time (with color alerts), current status, room assignment, and next action.  Patients can easily be reassigned to another department or moved to post-visit tracking.
  • Post-Visit tracking screen for multi-department visibility of post-visit activities such as completion of SuperBill, encounter paperwork, billing and charting.

Version 3.2.1
Maintenance release:

  • Improved compatibility with OSX Panther
  • Incorporated bug fixes provided by SuperReport Pro v2.6.1 release
  • Faster claim checking & electronic claim creation for Client/Server version
  • Fixed bug that crashed Mac version when fast double click on toolbar icon
  • Misc.
  • Client/Server release 2/8/04: fixed problem with internet plugins not properly installed for Macintosh clients connecting to Windows based Server.  Also fixed claim generation timeout problem.

Version 3.2
Med-Center's upgrade to v3.2 now includes HIPAA Compliant 837 Pro Transaction Set for submittal of electronic claims.  This is a free upgrade for all customers.

Version 3.1
Med-Center's upgrade to v3.1 sports an improved user interface for easier navigation.  It also has new SuperReport Pro Report templates including a customizable invoice.  Also for v3.1:

  • Ability to add a patient from the viewer
  • Dynamic toolbar integrated with input and output forms
  • Improved full screen mode for Windows
  • Ability to save changes without leaving the input form
  • Added Monday thru Sunday availability settings for staff appointment scheduling
  • Improved search for first available time slot when appointment scheduling
  • Pop-up date selection for date fields
  • Option for "Patient Pays Final" for invoicing

Version 3.0
Med-Center's upgrade to v3.0 now supports Macintosh OSX (Apple's newest operating system based on UNIX) and Windows XP.  Based on the latest database engine from, Med-Center has an improved "look and feel" for Windows, Quartz technology with Aqua for Macintosh OSX, and a functionality that performs identically on Macintosh and Windows operating systems.  Other database engine enhancements include: Integrated TCP/IP (so no more installation of Network Components in the system folder), easy transport of database files between Macintosh and Windows, and improved integration of maintenance tools, error detection and repair.

A new version of the SuperReport Pro plug-in has also been included in v3.0.  Integration of this report module has been improved to allow multiple user & department reports (with ownership privileges), enhanced printing for most tables, and the addition of print preview and "Print to file" options.  SuperReport Pro has been carbonized to work with Macintosh OSX and the reports work on both Macintosh and Windows platforms.   New SuperReport templates were added (customizable Fee Ticket & Full Format HCFA 1500 form) for greater clinic flexibility.  License #'s for the SuperReport Pro plug-in can be purchased directly from  For more information about SuperReport Pro, SuperReport Pro pricing, and licensing, visit

Version 2.4.2

  • Added Prescription writing from main screen
  • Added Referral writing from patient screen
  • Added Prescription writing from patient screen
  • Added case total to case summary report
  • Added ability to require approval for transaction deletions
  • Improved selection of related records (patients, employers, procedures, people, formularies, etc.)
  • Fixed viewer to allow multi-client use
  • Misc.

Version 2.4.1
This version supports both Windows and Macintosh platforms simultaneously in a client / server network or as stand-alone applications.  Patient information can now be accessed within the practice regardless of computer type and has identical screens and functionality. 

Also new for 2.4.1:

  • Added multi-booking capability for schedule time slots
  • Fixed schedule printing problem
  • Added "Auto log off" feature that automatically ends a session after a set time of inactivity (Security feature)
  • Added "User log" feature that creates an entry for every login and logoff (Security feature)

  • Improved log for recording modification activity for Account, Cases, and EMR records (Security feature)
Version 2.4
Added AutoText libraries.  This feature allows custom libraries of frequently used terminology, phrases, and templates to be created for use in SOAP notes by physician and clinician specialties.  Multiple libraries can be defined and shared by all members of the group or kept personalized for individuals. Electronic Medical Record features have also been expanded to include server based templates accessible from networked client workstations to facilitate standardization of record creation.  The user guides have been revised to feature separate documents for general users and administrators.

Version 2.3
Here is a quick summary of new features:

  • Added the ability to import health care plan formularies.  This also includes the ability to have customized office formularies as well.
  • Extended the prescription system to allow easier writing of prescriptions using plan formularies or the office prescription lists.
  • Enhanced user login features to include additional password options, improved user account and group management, improved account information storage, and extended administrator control over group privileges.
  • Added a new list editor to help define and manage choice lists for field entries.
  • Extended Med-Center/Office to function as a full web server for Med-Center/Web
  • Integrated a database tool kit with the database engine for integrity checks or repair if needed.
  • Enhanced the speed for all operations.
  • And, a few other changes and improvements here and there.
And new for version 2.3.1  A new scheduling module
This minor upgrade adds a new scheduling module that greatly improves appointment scheduling for staff members.  It includes:
  • Month, week, or day view of schedule.
  • Easy navigation for any date range.
  • Multiple staff schedule viewing and editing.
  • Expanded recurrence options for schedule items.
  • Auto reminder alerts and reset for next occurrence.
  • Privacy setting for schedule items.
  • Drag and drop feature to move or reassign items to other staff members.
  • Web version of schedule module (part of Med-Center/Web)
And new for version 2.3.2
Maintenance release.

And new for version 2.3.3
Maintenance release.

And new for version 2.3.4
Improved multi-user notification when records are already in use...  Added a "Messenger" feature to allow messages (similar to a chat room) to be shared between Med-Center members (throughout the clinic when using the server version)...  Added the ability to set a default label for patient account printing...  Fixed report printing background shading...  Improved printing ability during the process of adding records...  And other maintenance fixes and improvements.

And new for version 2.3.5
Improved referral tracking and printing...  Added an account balance report...  Enhanced appointments to allow quick display of patient accounts...  Added ability to list transactions in separate process... And other minor improvements. 

Version 2.2
Here is a brief summary of the new features in Med-Center

  • Added "Problem Reporting", a way for Providers and their staff to collect and make improvements involving incidents or issues about the practice's operations. 
  • Refined the use of Stored Documents for the storage of Electronic Medical Records by the approving Clinician (by signature).  Note: This is a powerful feature to attach standard documents (i.e., word processing) to a patient's case notes.  Use this with AutoText (see below), and you have a powerful way of storing a variety of electronic medical records.
  • Added an "AutoText" feature to allow practices to enter standard or Clinician created text or templates for the text-only area of the patient chart. Note:  This is a feature that allows key-words or key phrases to be recognized while typing a chart note and then be automatically inserted.  Combine this with a standard speech recognition program and you have a powerful way of quickly entering patient chart notes.
  • Added a log to track adds/mods/deletes for Patient Accounts, Cases, and Claims to allow administrators or auditors to view practice change history. 
  • Added customizable user fields for those times when the standard fields are just not enough. 
  • Plus, a few other changes and improvements here and there.
Version 2.1 Revision 3
This revision includes administrator control over internal lists and departments, a new "Standard Format" for claims submittals to clearinghouses, a more comprehensive Viewer (Patient Accounts and Cases), better invoicing (by Account or Case), and minor cosmetic and operational changes.  A new users guide has also been developed and is available for download. 

Version 2.1
This release features generation and submittal of electronic claims using Claimsnet as a clearinghouse.  Visit for information on rates and service.

Version 2.0 
This release includes version 2.0 of Records Manager 

Version 2.0 beta 2
This beta release was made available for evaluation.



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